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My Name is Daniela I am 17 years old, my Zodiacal Sign is Cancer the day that born is the 16/07/1992 in Chile in the region of Santiago/ Puente Alto. My Hobbies are listen to music, sing, Draw, dance and write. I Study in the School Padre José Kentenich in Puente Alto. My Boyfriend is called Daniel and I Love him a lot. I live with my parents and I love them too much. I like to be accompanied for my friends, my boyfriend and my cousin.

septiembre 02, 2009


This movie is very good, is recommended for all age.
This film is about of the captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Deep), I love the mystery and adventure in the sea. The captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) steals the Boat called "The Black Pearl" to Jack. This, attacks the city of Port Royal, kidnapping to Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), Governor's daughter. Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), friend of the infancy of Elizabeth. Joins to Jacks for retrieve the pearl and rescue to Elizabeth of the Captain Barbossa. But the promised of the Elizabeth, Comodoro Norrington (Jack Davenport), chases the duo.
Barbossa, with his crew have a curse to steal the treasure, becoming living skeletons. The spell is broken only by returning the treasure, or else the night will live forever as skeletons.

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